Greens priorities

Make Sydney a #CityForEveryone

  1. Council that is accessible and shares decision making
  2. Expand free and accessible public spaces
  3. Protect our heritage
  4. Make Sydney more affordable for students and people with lower or insecure incomes
  5. Streets for people – safe to walk and cycle
  6. Stop the sell-off of public land and public housing
  7. Protect urban biodiversity and expand the canopy
  8. Waste and other essential services run by council not outsourced.
  1. Stand up to developer greed and corruption
  2. Urgent action to address the climate crisis
  3. Support artists and creatives to live and work locally
  4. Protect and expand public green spaces
  5. Celebrate Aboriginal cultures, heritage and resistance
  6. Massively increase council investment in public, community and affordable housing
  7. Investment in the services and transport our growing communities need