Sydney needs: Genuinely affordable homes

Housing is a human right. The Greens believe it’s the job of governments, including local councils, to ensure everyone has a secure, safe, comfortable, accessible, sustainable, affordable home.

The Greens have a plan for 2,000 genuinely affordable homes in 4 years

Watch the video to hear Green lead candidate for the City of Sydney Sylvie Ellsmore explain how council can directly invest in housing to create homes with rent as low as $100 a week.

For a longer conversation about our housing policy and how it will work you can listen to Sylvie’s recent interview with Tom Ballard.

They discuss the details of the Greens housing co-investment strategy for Sydney, community participation in council decisions and why the local government election is so important.

Our priorities for housing in Sydney

Sydney is one of least affordable cities in the world. With soaring house prices and rents, people on low incomes and in insecure work, essential workers, young people, students, First Nations peoples, artists and older people who don’t own a home are being pushed out of the city. Our public housing communities are under threat from state government sell-offs and redevelopments, and two thirds of low income households in the inner city are in housing stress.

The City of Sydney Council has acknowledged we’re in a housing affordability and homelessness crisis, but it’s not doing anywhere near enough to tackle it. We need to change the way housing is done in our city and leverage the wealth and power of the City to prioritise community need and wellbeing over developer profits. 

The Greens have an ambitious plan to use the Council’s wealth to radically improve affordability and security of tenure for people being priced out of the city. Our $200 million Sydney Co-Investment Strategy will deliver more affordable housing than the City has achieved over the last 17 years, give tenants real security of tenure and control over their housing, and guarantee rents as low as $100 a week.

We can have truly affordable, secure housing in the City of Sydney – all we need is political will. Sydney can and should be a city for everyone, not just the rich.

The Greens on Council will
  • Significantly increase Council investment in the growth of diverse, tenant-led affordable housing through a new sustainable $200 million affordable housing co-investment fund. 
  • By putting the Council’s significant financial assets to work for the community, the Council could play a genuine leading role in providing long term secure accommodation for groups being pushed out of the city. In the next term of Council alone, the Greens plan could deliver more affordable housing than the City has achieved over the last 17 years, and would financially improve Council’s bottom line in the process.
  • Ensure compulsory developer contributions and new housing developments deliver high-quality, genuinely affordable housing designed to meet the needs of groups most at risk of being pushed out of the city. This includes First Nations people, low-income workers, people who rely on income support, students, people living with a disability, and older women. 
  • Work in partnership with communities to urgently protect existing public housing and ensure public housing residents are not forced to relocate out of the inner city. This includes ensuring that the Council moves beyond ‘consultation’ and gives residents a genuine seat at the table in decisions about proposed redevelopments of the estates where they live.
  • Expand the Council’s affordable housing strategies to include stronger provisions for renters, who make up 45% of the residents of the Local Government Area.
  • Work through Council, and with the support of Greens in the NSW and Federal Parliaments, to achieve reform to laws which currently: limit community participation in development; use affordable housing schemes to build short-term, poor quality, over-priced housing; restrict renters’ rights; prevent the imposition of vacant property levies on empty investor properties in the city; and prevent schemes such as ‘value uplift capture’ being imposed on developers, who currently aren’t required to share the millions in value they get from rezoning decisions

Can you help us make Sydney a #CityForEveryone?

Next event

Join Greens for Sydney’s Sylvie Ellsmore at the Lord Mayoral candidate forum organised by Alexandria Residents’ Action Group, Friends of Erskineville and REDWatch, 7pm on Wednesday 10 November.

Candidates will take questions from the moderator and the community. The organisers conducted a survey to select the top three topics for discussion, which will be public housing, climate change and transport.

Event registration is not required. The below button will take you straight to the Zoom meeting room.

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